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Games without wifi on this age of cyber technology , almost all games whether using your smart phone , your smart tv or your video game console, everything seemed to work only when you are connected to the internet.

But for folks who don’t want using and wasting their data plans just to play games and end up paying a terrible amount on extra charges on their bills, or those who are not in a spot where wifi or mobile signals are readily present or those who simply just want to eat up time while waiting in a taxi bay, here are video games which you need not worry about having to connect to a wifi or internet, best of all they are as entertaining as those games played over internet connection:


This is pretty familiar. You probably have seen this multiple times but have you tried it? Many still enjoy this and says it is
addicting, its your own old school solitaire! The only difference is that it is played digitally.  Still the objective of this game remains the same, to move all of the cards to the four foundation piles. You sure don’t need any more introduction to it, after all its everybody’s classic solitaire just played on screen. Learn some rules by watching the video below.


The main focus of this game is to find a way to get out of the prison. The difficulty of the game relies on the level the gamer is at. The fun begins when you interact with other inmates to help you get your escape,maybe exchange some items or sell it to your fellow inmates or simply think of a way to steal the items from them. It is basically a crafting, a strategy and a survival type of entertainment for the bored you.


The game is about a princess who needs help from the gamer to overcome roadblocks, hardships and all other difficulties she has to face. The setting goes from castles, lovely countryside views and other unimaginable surroundings. This is a lovely cute game with beautiful graphics in all its stages. The game will instruct you to use earphones when playing to better enjoy it. And because it is one of the most loved games without wifi, it has a sequel too, the monument valley 2!


Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a sequel to the original Plants vs. Zombies game which came out in 2009. This sequel was released in 2013 and was also well-loved just like its predecessor. The entire feel of the game is much like the old version. It still has that abundant garden of plants you can use to combat zombies and keep your property from being invaded by these annoying zombies. The difference lies in the addition of new combat grounds such as the old Egypt and the wild wild west which include new power sources.


Stealing is a crime and its not fun nor it is enjoyable. But hey here is a fun way to steal which wont end you in jail. The Reckless Getaway game. The concept is simple, how to escape from police cars chasing you after you successfully stole the bank’s cash!

These are just a few games out of the hundreds we find out to play on our new ios device iphone x, Now you have no excuse to be bored!


PokerCruncher Advanced

Take your diversion to the following level with PokerCruncher, an advanced proficient level hand ranges and tumble surface investigation chances number cruncher that goes well past even PokerStove.

Pay once and appreciate for eternity.
No in-application buys/charges.
Consistent change (5+ years).
Instructional exercise and recordings on our site

Super quick and simple to use for essential hand matchups.

Advanced highlights like hand ranges, Deal-To-Flop, flounder surface investigation, and numerous details for
genuine procedure examination.

Instructional exercise, recordings.

Most poker chances calculations applications are no place as intense as PokerCruncher. Some don’t bolster irregular hands (not to mention hand goes), some don’t give you a chance to enter cards for various players, some make a deficient endeavor close by ranges,

is the full genuine article, more capable than even the PC’s PokerStove application, and has a
perfect and simple to-utilize interface.

Begin utilizing PokerCruncher today to enhance your amusement and your outcomes!

Completely General Hand Ranges

Poker is a session of inadequate data;

we have to put our rivals on **ranges of hands**. PokerCruncher outperforms even PokerStove’s highlights, e.g., value breakdown warm maps and hand combo details. Full matrix of every one of the 169 beginning hands, top number of hands
slider, broad inherent hand ranges, Analysis Numerous Stats Hand sort details (OnePair, TwoPair, and so forth.), flounder hit details, chances for slumping draws and blend draws, OnePair breakdown details, …

Instructional exercise and Videos

If reasoning as far as hand ranges and tumble surface investigation (procedures advanced players and experts utilize)
are unfamiliar to you, no issue, see the PokerCruncher Tutorial and recordings on our site.


+ Runs locally on gadget, web
association not required

+ Fast Monte Carlo
recreation, finish
count for some regular cases

+ Completely broad
device, e.g., up to 10 players

+ Specific cards,
cards, completely broad hand ranges, for every player

+ Generate irregular player, and
barricade cards to set imagine a scenario where and test situations.

+ Dead cards

+ Fold/Un-Fold

+ %age’s or n:1

+ Clean and fresh
hello res card designs

Kindly observe the PokerCruncher

Tutorial and recordings on our site for a full depiction of the greater part of
the highlights.

Android Store surveys are extraordinarily refreshing, bless your heart.

A huge number of different clients aren’t seeing this and can run
this application fine and dandy.

On your gadget, you should be marked in as the *same* Google account you utilized when you acquired this

The permit checking procedure will believe you’re an alternate individual and
haven’t bought this application.

On your gadget go to the Settings application, Accounts
segment, and confirm your Google account.

You can utilize the “Include Account” catch to include a moment account if necessary.

Need a tutorial, we found you a 43 minuted detailed video to help you out even more.